Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commisioning Group

Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commisioning Group

Visits to local NHS services

Each year, we run a series of  ‘commissioner visits’ to local services, to see the quality of services, find out more and make helpful suggestions. Every visit includes a patient representative alongside medical professionals.

In particular, we want to ensure that the services we commission are being delivered in a safe way and that patients have a positive experience.

During the past year, patient representatives have taken part in visits to a range of services including breast screening, emergency care, paediatrics, stroke and rehabilitation, community treatment teams and children and young people’s services.

On each occasion, we witnessed high quality services, provided by caring and professional staff, but were still able to make a number of helpful recommendations. These included improved display of information, a patient experience survey and a ‘you said…we did’ board to show how the service responds to patient feedback.

What patient representatives say

Kay Parker: “I am offered a choice of visits to acute, community and mental health services. During these visits I’ve learned first-hand about patient care and experiences from presentations, observations, talking and listening to staff, patients and carers.

“I’ve always felt valued as an equal member of the team and my views are taken into account. Each service receives an immediate verbal report of our findings and recommendations for improvement, if necessary, are made. A follow up written report is produced, and I am asked for comments before the final draft. I feel my contribution and views are valued.”


Judy Carrick: “As a patient representative, my role is to focus on how systems affect the patient’s care and respect their rights and needs. It has been incredibly gratifying to see how services value the individual and, often at great expense of time and expertise, ensure that the care and the environment support patients and their families in all their diversity. My contributions have always been heard, valued and reflected accurately and sympathetically in reporting. It’s a privilege.”

To find out more about taking part in commissioner visits, contact our involvement team. [link]