Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commisioning Group

Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commisioning Group

The way we work

NHS Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is the statutory health body responsible for the planning and buying (commissioning) of local NHS care and services to meet the needs of the local community. Our membership consists of 67 GP practices and we are responsible for the local population of Gateshead and Newcastle.

Working as a CCG we deliver high-quality care, using the most appropriate methods and cost effective resources, to improve healthcare provision for the people of Newcastle and Gateshead and reduce disparities in health and social care. By using effective clinical decision-making we can make a real impact on the health, wellbeing and life expectancy of our patients.

Our programme areas

Clinical work programmes: providing integrated services for physical and mental health needs

  • Mental health and learning disabilities
  • Children, young people and families
  • Older people
  • Long term conditions including cancer
  • Urgent care including Better Care Fund
  • Planned care
  • Care settings

Reviewing provision and breaking down barriers as we form new models of care

  • Voluntary sector services
  • Community services
  • Primary care
  • Hospital provision: work here is driven by clincal work programmes
  • Continuing healthcare – children and adults

Quality and safeguarding is our golden thread throughout all that we do

What are clinical commissioning groups?

Clinical commissioning groups (CCG) are made up of doctors, nurses and other health professionals, supported by experienced health service managers. Local GP practices work alongside specialist healthcare professionals, combining expertise and experience to improve healthcare services and benefit the people of Newcastle and Gateshead.

What does this mean for the patient?

As the Clinical Commissioning Groups are formed by local family GPs, we believe we are well placed to fully understand our patients’ needs and can therefore develop responsive health services, making sure that patient care is always at the heart of our decision-making and ensuring we continue to provide best practice and evidence-based medicine.  We have a number of ways that patients can be directly involved which are listed here.

Below are some short videos explaining how we  have worked with our partners.

The following old Gateshead CCG short clips explain a bit more about the CCG, how we involve patients and the community, our working relationships across the region, the progress we have made. Some of this work has been developed since though.

The NHS has undergone many changes recently. The following video from the King’s Fund details where the NHS is now and outlines the ways in which the new organisations work and fit together.

An alternative guide to the new NHS in England from The King’s Fund can be found here.